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The Word Yoga Comes from Indian Philosophy…

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Coming from a background of accounting , admin, payroll etc My before Yoga life was spent sitting at a desk all day. I have always been fit and healthy enjoying running, body building , group fitness training and anything I could get my hands on . Yoga was the one thing that actually allowed me to STOP and breathe and feel . I always thought it was weird and boring well WOW was I wrong about that it is dynamic and freakin amazing. Not only has this practice given me the strongest belly muscles I have ever had but my whole mindset changed!!!! I went from losing the plot easily to going “0h well hmm” I call it magic, just wait until you start there is no going back.

The studio I have created is very authentic. If you want a strict, serious practice then don’t come to Luv Yoga. If you want a comfortable, fun experience you will be in the right studio. The reason I opened a studio is to bring this kind of experience to Newcastle. Once you begin you will want more and more

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Our Teacher

Carolyn Manwarring

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner ​

I believe movement is medicine and yoga is a pathway to slow down, plug in, increase body awareness and mind body strength. The foundation for my teaching is that through the communion of breath and mindful, strong movements we get out of our heads and into our hearts. I teach straight from my heart. Through regular practice we become more present, approaching life with peaceful determination